Our History

Our mission is to help families maintain and enhance memories of their loved ones in a caring and comforting way. Our aim is to provide quality, professional care, and affordable service so that your loved one’s home going is meaningful, dignified, and perfect in every way.

We understand that there are a multitude of details that must be considered and attended to when deciding on final arrangements. We also understand that these must be done in a certain order and within a specific time frame. We are dedicated to spending whatever time is necessary to help you feel confident about the choices you need to make. You can trust us in handling all the details you have chosen on behalf of your loved one(s).

We feel that the information provided here will be helpful to you and will perhaps add some comfort as it provides answers to some of the questions you may have as you plan for this important event.

Sumner County Funeral and Cremation Services, LLC abides by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Funeral Rules and Regulations. This means that laws have been put in place that mandate that funeral companies provide consumers with adequate information concerning funeral-related goods and services at the time of request. Thus, funeral homes must provide a written price list when a consumer requests it in person or a verbal price list when a consumer requests one over the phone. Additionally, funeral companies must provide detailed and itemized price disclosures for a customer’s purchase of funeral products and services.

We are transparent in our pricing strategy and would like very much to discuss them with you and your loved ones before, during, and after your visit or request is made.

Our Heritage

The owners of Sumner County Funeral and Cremation Services, LLC have over 70 years of experience. Each owner has had a life long dream of opening a funeral establishment.  After having gained the expertise, professionalism, dedication and compassion needed to assist families through the most difficult of times they felt it was only fitting to turn their dreams into a reality.  

Therefore, Sumner County Funeral Home and Cremation Services, LLC was opened May 20, 2016.  Even though it is a new establishment, it is not a new idea for the owners.  This is a life long dream of four individuals that want to make a difference in the local funeral industry.